Costa Rica Surf and Adventure Vacations

What makes Costa Rica the best destination for a surf and adventure vacation?

Costa Rica is known throughout the surfing world as having some of the most consistent surf breaks on the planet! The tropical warm waters of Costa Rica draw people from around the world to escape their wetsuits and relax in our inviting ocean. Sandy bottom beach breaks, less crowds and safe waters are more enticing reasons to make Costa Rica your next surfing destination. Costa Rica’s incredible surf breaks make a great place for advanced surfers, but Costa Rica offers many breaks that give beginning to intermediate surfers the best wave conditions to learn and improve quickly. Another reason that the beaches of Costa Rica feature world-class waves is the unique shape of the country’s Pacific coastline. Many beaches in the same area face in different directions and have curved beaches to ensure that they catch swells from many directions. Most people would agree that the best attribute of Costa Rica are the local people that love to share their “no stress” culture and world-class waves! Plan your escape to enjoy the warm tropical waves of Costa Rica and relax in Surfer’s Paradise! Take a look at our most popular vacation. Surf Adventure Vacation

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