Top 10 reasons to learn to surf in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica Surf Vacations

1) Waves – Beginner surfers need waves that are suitable for learning and meet certain criteria. First, is consistency, you do not want to plan a surf vacation and arrive with no waves to surf. Tamarindo has incredible consistency and beginner waves can be found nearly every day of the year. Tamarindo has several features that lead to good year-round conditions. Swells created by weather systems throughout the Pacific create waves in Tamarindo primarily due to the horseshoe shaped bay catching swell from the North, West and South. Tamarindo also has a gentle sloping beach that creates waves that have an easy drop-in and a sandy bottom to help new surfers feel more comfortable.

2) Weather – Tamarindo offers weather that attracts tourist from around the world seeking a warm tropical climate any day of the year. Average monthly high temperatures are always between 84 – 90 degrees F (29-33 C). Over night low temperatures are always between 72 – 75 degrees F (22-24 C). Most mornings offer a gentle off-shore breeze that creates a glassy wave surface, perfect for all level of surfers. Tamarindo is in a micro-climate that is uniquely different from other areas in Costa Rica, offering a dry season and a green season. For those looking to escape the cold weather at home, November – March offer warm sunny days with no chance of rain. Gentle tropical showers begin in May and quickly transforming the landscape into a lush, green jungle. Most people would consider the weather near perfect year-round, but October can bring heavier rain and December can bring gusty winds.

3) Water Temperature – When you come to the tropical warm waters of Costa Rica, you can leave your wetsuit at home. Average monthly water temperatures are always between 81 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 27-29 degrees Celsius. There are very few places in the world that offer the perfect temperature of ocean water, making leaning to surf fun and very comfortable. You only need a swimsuit and a rash guard, no need for bulky wet suits, boots or gloves.

4) Location – Tamarindo, Costa Rica is in Central America on the Pacific Ocean at 10 degrees latitude. The location is perfect for year-round tropical weather, warm waters and consistent waves. The newly renovated Liberia International airport is a short 45-minute transfer to Tamarindo on paved roads. Liberia Airport now offers non-stop flights from many US cities and is a short 2-3-hour flight from Texas and Florida. The convenient location and proximity to the United States allows travelers to enjoy tropical surfing just hours from home.

5) Friendly Locals – Costa Rica is known to be one of the happiest places on earth, with a warm and welcoming local culture. The locals are often referred to as Ticos or Ticas and are some of the friendliest people on the planet. Ticos are all about their families and their communities and extend their welcome to those who come to visit their great country. They share their no stress and laid-back attitude, and it is a welcome break for tourist and their fast-paced life styles. The friendly locals found in the surf breaks of Tamarindo have been welcoming tourist to share their waves for decades. The beginner waves can be shared with a mutual respect, making Tamarindo, Costa Rica a top destination for surf vacations.

6) Accommodations – Tamarindo, Costa Rica offers an incredibly large number of accommodations for a small beach town. The diverse options for accommodations are what makes Tamarindo so unique. There are no major all-inclusive chain resorts, allowing for more options in every price range. There are several small hotels, hostels and private homes throughout Tamarindo. Many condo complexes offer amazing ocean views, gourmet kitchens, swimming pools and luxury appointments. The condos offer options for large families and groups to feel at home while enjoying an adventurous Costa Rica surf vacation.

7) Adventure Activities – Tamarindo, Costa Rica is one of the best locations for those looking for a surf and adventure vacation package. In addition to surfing, there are many other ocean activities; including sailing, deep sea fishing, ocean kayaking, stand up paddle, snorkeling and scuba diving. The adventure is not limited to the ocean, land activities include; canopy zip-line, horseback riding, ATV tours, biking and hiking. Tamarindo is primarily known as a beach destination, but it is also only about a two-hour drive to the rainforest. Proximity to the rainforest allows for day tours to see wildlife, waterfalls and even active volcanoes.

8) Yoga and Massage – Tamarindo offers two other activities that are great compliments to a surf and adventure vacation package. There are several yoga studios located in Tamarindo that offer many styles of yoga in group or private classes with renowned instructors. Many instructors even focus some classes on stretching the muscles associated with learning to surf. If yoga classes are the way to get ready for surf lessons, then massages are most definitely the way to sooth the body afterwards. There are several great spas located in Tamarindo offering a variety of services including Swedish massage after a long day of surfing.

9) Gourmet Food – Tamarindo offers yet another key component of a great surf vacation, the food! Tamarindo is a small beach town of just a few square miles and this makes the entire town walkable in just minutes. This makes it even more amazing that there are over 50 unique restaurants located in Tamarindo. There is nothing better than working up an appetite surfing, and then sitting down to a gourmet dinner beachfront and watching the sunset. The options are too many to list but include; Italian, Asian-fusion, Vegan, Mediterranean, Fresh seafood and even an Argentinian grill. If you would prefer to relax on your penthouse balcony for dinner, private chefs are available to prepare three course dinners for you nightly.

10) Pura Vida – There is nothing more Costa Rican than the term Pura Vida! Pura Vida is translated to Pure Life in English but means so much more. This is a description of the culture, the people, the country and the life of the locals. They use the term as a warm greeting and a sincere welcome to their country. The Costa Ricans believe in living a pure life, in harmony with nature, family, friends, community and even with the tourist that visit. Pura Vida is not just a phrase but a way of life, and maybe if while visiting this amazing country and meeting its people you may just return home with some Pura Vida of your own.